Still skeptical about hiring a property management company?

You've read about our services and you've compared them to other companies. It's still a big decision.

We understand that and have come up with a way for you to try our service with the least obligation and commitment possible.

We offer two guarantees to owners of properties managed by Regent Realty Services. The first is a 3 month money back satisfaction guarantee on our management services and the second is a 3 month guarantee on lease fees. Here's how they work:

If an owner of a property managed by Regent Realty is unhappy with the management services provided by Regent Realty, within the first 3 months, we will release the owner from the management agreement. The objective is to give owners the opportunity to see the value in hiring Regent Realty and to easily leave the relationship if they are unhappy with it.

The 3 month lease fee guarantee is to illustrate our confidence in our ability to procure qualified residents and to share some of the risk owners take. If, for some reason, a tenant doesn't work out and vacates the property within the first 3 months of the lease, we will return to the owner a prorated amount of the lease fee.

Regent Realty Services management philosophy is simple. We make money when the owner makes money. The better we do at managing, maintaining, finding good residents and keeping good residents, the more money the property will make. We are motivated to keep operations and systems running smoothly.

Please call or email us for a free market analysis with no obligation or to have us answer any other questions you may have.